The Wide World of Camping Chairs

Have you ever walked into the camping section of a sporting goods store and wondered how to choose the perfect outdoor seating option? You have Coleman, REI, and Crazy Creek to name just a few. Then each of them make folding camping chairs, canvas beach chairs, and reclining camping chairs making the choice even harder.

Camping chairs have become a way to take a piece of at-home comfort into the great outdoors. There is no end a long day of fishing or hiking than roasting marshmallows while you sit back and watch the stars in your padded reclining camping chair with your drink snuggled in the drink cozy just a few inches from your hand.

Luckily, for all of those who have just caught the camping bug and are buying equipment for the first time, these camping accessories are very reasonably priced. Have you had the bug for a while, but your equipment has seen better days? Upgrade! Prices on the variety of chairs range from $9.00 for a basic canvas chair at WalMart to $150 for a deluxe camping chair at The best thing to do is find the chairs that other customers have rated highly. The one that seems to be the most talked about by consumers is the Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler. This Coleman camping chair is reasonably priced at around $35-$50, has a padded seat and a cooler that holds up to 4 cans with an ice pack.

Start your search online; type your desired characteristics into your favorite search engine, and watch the hits come in by the millions. Want a reclining canvas beach chair with umbrella and cup holder? Amazon has one of those for you. For around $70, you can get a Made in the USA Oasis VIP Aluminum Folding Reclining Beach chair with a 6-can cooler and umbrella.

Outdoor camping chairs have not only become very comfortable and highly affordable, but they are also versatile and stylish. So versatile, in fact, that a lot of people will use their outdoor chairs for more than just their camping adventures. Have a child’s sport game on a Saturday morning? Take the lightweight and comfy canvas camping chair. Want to be the envy of all the soccer dads? Take the reclining one instead. Better yet, grab the one with the umbrella to keep you shaded on those blistering hot days. Do the kids constantly steal yours? Get them their own. Kids’ camping chairs come in many varieties, including Spiderman and Disney Princess-themed, to satisfy all the little ones in your household. Even the sports fans can feel stylish at that tailgate party with a canvas chair customized with their favorite NFL team logo from

There is an amazing array of seating choices for your next outdoor adventure. Don’t put off the great outdoors anymore; grab a padded reclining camping chair with umbrella and cup holder and head out to the great wide open. Just don’t forget those marshmallows!